Vernonia Lake and Old Mill

My cousin Bethany and I originally wanted to visit the Banks-Vernonia trail, but it was closed due to bad weather and cougar sightings… no thanks. So instead we drove through Vernonia to walk around the lake and check out the old mill.


It’s a mile walk around the lake and there is a dock for fishing.


This fuel bunker is the last remnant of the Old Mill of the Oregon-American Lumber Company which operated from 1924 to the mid 1950’s. It’s quiet and peaceful on the inside and there is a lot of colorful graffiti.


image       image








How to get there:

From Portland, travel on Hwy 26 west for 25 or so miles. Turn right on Hwy 47 North towards Vernonia 14 miles away. Turn right on bridge street and drive through Vernonia for 1.1 miles. Turn right to the parking lot at Vernonia lake. The old mill is off to the right and easy to find from the trail.




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