Washington Park Urban Hike

I am so happy my brother David gifted me this book for Christmas: Portland Hill Walks by Laura Foster. I’ve never tried an urban hike before and it turns out they’re pretty cool. You learn new things about a city you’ve lived in your whole life and get a great workout. My mom joined me on walk #7 in Laura’s book- Washington Park and Arlington Heights Loop for a total of 4.7 miles. We started at 24th and Burnside.


I was worried that the book would be hard to follow, but there is so much detail you never question your path. The book reads like a long narrative with the directions and history entwined so I’m glad I read ahead and marked all the specific directions with a pencil. It made it easier to follow on the go. This particular walk had a lot of stairs.



We climbed the first set of stairs to Washington Way. This lead to the Holocaust Memorial I never knew existed. It was extremely moving to read the various quotes from survivors and see the scattered statues of left behind items.




From there the walk took us through the Arlington Heights neighborhood past beautiful old homes. The roads climbed steep and we saw amazing views of the city. Kingston Avenue took us up to the Rose Gardens and to one of the citys’ reservoirs.

We looped through more neighborhoods and crossed the Vista Bridge to Vista Avenue where my Grandma Joy grew up. My mom told me my Grandpa John used to take two street cars to see her when they were dating. 🙂

The end of our walk took us back through Washington Park. We found a statue of Sacajawea built in 1905 by Alice Cooper. I loved what the book told about this statue. It was paid for by women, built by a woman, and when it was unveiled Susan B. Anthony was there.


In the same area as the statue was Cupid’s Fountain which used to be a watering hole for horses after pulling buggies up the hill; built in 1891.


This was our last stop before we meandered back through the forest to the car.


Can’t wait to try another Urban hike!!




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