Ecola State Park to Indian Beach

Coastal hikes are the best! Amazing views, old trees, access to the beach, and at the end you get to eat clam chowder. This one starts at Ecola State Park right by Cannon Beach. Nick and Victoria joined me for the 3 mile round trip to Indian Beach and back. The trail goes much further but Hamilton was too tired after his excursions on the beach.


I’m glad we got here early because by the time we returned to the parking lot at 11:30 am it was mostly full. Even if you don’t hike it’s still a beautiful viewpoint at Ecola State Park, but the best views are found on the trail.

**there is a $5 fee to enter the park


Due to recent wind storms there was a huge tree down in the middle of the path, but we figured out how to get around it.


Indian Beach was beautiful. There is a road that will take you directly to Indian Beach, but it’s currently closed. We were lucky enough to be the only ones on the beach.

From Indian Beach you can add a 2.6 mile loop called the Clatsop Loop Trail.



There’s nothing Hammy loves more than running free on the beach.



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