Warrior Rock- Sauvie Island

Sauvie Island has always been a favorite getaway of mine due to its easy access, views of the Columbia river and Mt. Saint Helens, and its general woodsy ‘Anne of Green Gables’ feel.

The trail for Warrior Rock begins about a mile past Collins Beach. Don’t forget to pick up the $10 parking pass at the Sauvie Island Market. This is an out-and-back 7 mile flat hike.


The very beginning of the hike gives you access to the river. If the river is low you can follow the beach all the way to the light house, otherwise just stay on the trail.


When you come to the cross-roads, keep right. If in doubt, refer to the helpful sign someone put up pointing the way to the light house.



On this particular outing we didn’t make it all the way to the lighthouse (Hammy is a little out of shape at the moment), so here is a picture of the light house from a previous visit.


On the way back we had to stop and see the Sauvie Island UFO! (Unidentified Floating Object) It’s hiding in the trees on Collins Beach. Park at Entrance #3, follow a short trail to the beach, turn right and walk about 200 feet, you can’t miss it.

It was designed to be a sailboat by Richard Ensign in 1973. During the 1996 flood it found its new home on the beach.


Back to the car we go, 🙂




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