Starvation Ridge Waterfalls Loop

Every hike in the gorge is always my new “favorite” but this one will most likely stay that way for a few reasons: The breathtaking views that insight maniacal laughter, 4 different waterfalls I’d never heard of, and interesting history to ponder.

-The hike begins at Starvation Creek Falls- Exit #55 off of I-84 East. (no fees)

(2.5 mile loop)

First we walked up the paved path to the picnic area and Starvation Creek Falls


The actual hike takes you west on the paved path next to the freeway. The starvation Creek trail is a ways up on the left. Be prepared for a STEEP climb. (We took a lot of breaks)



After the sweet little meadow, we came to the view! Jumping photos were a must.



Once we gathered our wits, we followed the trail down through more wildflower meadows.


At the junction for the Mt. Defiance trail we went left 100 yards to see Lancaster Falls.


Heading back to the trail:


The end of the Starvation Ridge Trail takes you to Tunnel Falls


To the left of Tunnel Falls we scrambled up the dry channel to see what used to be Tunnel Falls. Apparently, back when the Historic Columbia Hwy was still in use, engineers somehow diverted the falls to the current location so the water didn’t splash and freeze on the road. That was one of the most amazing parts of this hike; standing at the base of where the falls used to be. I half expected to see water come plunging over the top.


The last part of this loop is walking on the paved path  along the highway back to the car. But it isn’t boring for too long because Cabin Creek Falls sneaks up on you.

There is a steep climb right up to the falls for a birds eye view.



I could not have been more happy about this hike.


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