Multnomah Village- Urban Hike

Today we did a quick urban hike from Laura Foster’s Portland Hill Walks book: Walk #13- Multnomah Village to Vermont Hills Loop. This is one of the shorter jaunts in her book, only 1.5 hours. The hike meanders through Gabriel Park, Multnomah village and the surrounding neighborhoods. In the 1880’s this area was all dairy farms, and was named Multnomah after the Multnomah Train Station built in 1907. (It’s no longer there) The first thing I noticed on this walk was all of the mini libraries, they were adorable!


One of the ones outside someone’s house even had a little bench

A few blocks up from Capitol Hwy is the Multnomah Arts Center, which used to be Multnomah School. The school was built in 1913, and closed in 1979. When it first opened teachers would take the train from Portland and walk through the woods to get there.


After the school the walk goes up the hill through neighborhoods with great views!


The Vermont Hills Hydropark was the most surprising part of this walk. It felt very tucked away, quiet and peaceful. The water bureau placed the water tanks in this park on peaks, so gravity moves the water rather than pumps.


The last part of this walk goes through pretty Gabriel Park- 95 acres donated to the city in the 1950s.



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