Wahclella Falls

This is an easy 2 mile round trip hike. You have to go early though since it’s so popular and has a very small parking lot. (NW nature pass or $5 day pass required) To get here take I-84 east to exit #40- Bonneville Dam. Turn right and follow the road to the marked trail head.



Beacon Rock

This hike had been on my bucket list for a long time. It’s not too far from Portland, pretty easy and you get the spectacular views. The only drawback is that it’s crowded. To get here, take I-84 east to Cascade locks and cross the Bridge of the Gods ($2 fee each way). Turn left after the bridge and find the trail head on your left after a few miles. There is a $10 day fee, or a Washington Discover Pass. The hike is only a mile climb to the top.